Art & Elegance offers you a wide range of sophisticated and original visual acts for your event. We create “ad hoc show” upon your request, providing a different portfolio of artists.

Created originally by Ada Ossola is growing thanks to the collaboration with Paola Quistini; among the others we can’t forget Zamaga Athletic Dancers, widely recognized for their extremely elegant and fine technique.

Well-know due to the several Tv appearances is the duo Ada&Paola.


     Ada Ossola was born in Italy. At the age of six she discovered her passion for artistic gymnastics where she competed at a national level until she was eighteen; her deep love for gymnastic brought her to coaching and studying at the university for sports.  At the age of 25 she got into show-performance and dance. She studied jazz and modern dance in Milan and Rome. She worked as an acrobat-dancer since she finally decided to dedicate herself completely to acrobatic performance and it was like “love at first sight”.

She learnt most of her skills by herself, challenging herself always.

She worked for important theaters such as Teatro alla Scala of Milan and Teatro Verdi of Trieste, Apollo Varietè in Dusseldorf, for several big events in Italy and abroad such as ceremony for huge sport events (World Championship and Olympics) and for musical radio and concerts events (Biagio Antonacci Tour).

The passion is always pushing her, a true, pure love for her job. She sees herself as a privileged person as nowadays it is not so easy to make your passion your job.

Ada is an eclectic performer, powerful and elegant and at the same time, always smiling and charismatic, giving energy and positivity to her audience.